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هذه الخدمة غير متوفرة، ويُرجى التواصل لمزيد من المعلومات.

Direct Care Worker Training (DCW)

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وصف الخدمة

Please Call or Email to Make an Appointment Training Hearts doesn't offer DCW training as an individual private service. Level 1 Fundamental This course is a foundation introduction to caregiving, including an overview of skills, procedures, and competencies for providing care to clients. This course will cover topics ranging from roles and responsibilities, legal and ethical issues, job management, documentation, safety procedures, nutrition, and more. Class is offered in a one or two-day format. The cost is $70.00 Per Person Level 2 Aging and Disabilities This course discusses topics related to aging and physical disabilities. Students will learn about chronic disease and physical disabilities, including emotional needs, personal care, proper transferring and positions skills, activity planning, specific care for Dementia clients, and dealing with grief and end-of-life issues. The cost is $70.00 Per Person Level 2b Developmental Disabilities This course discusses topics relating to developmental disabilities (DD), which are severe, chronic disabilities attributable to mental and physical impairment which manifest before age 18 and are likely to continue indefinitely. This course will cover Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Cognitive disability, Epilepsy, proper reporting, community socialization, and redirecting behavior. The cost is $70.00 Per Person

الجلسات القادمة

سياسة الإلغاء

Payments are non-refundable credit can be used to toward next class or for 1 on 1 private training.

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  • Training Hearts, 7136 South 68th Lane, Laveen Village, AZ, USA


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